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Special Processes

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions maintains a wide range of specialized and supportive manufacturing solutions for product development and manufacturing needs. Key specialized manufacturing capabilities include two CNC wire electrostatic discharge (EDM) machines, one diamond turning center and associated measurement equipment, precision assembly capability, honing, and jig bore capability for ultra-precise locations and toleranced holes, as well as heat treat capability.

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions also maintains specialize array of machine shop support capability including parts cleaning, manual and vibratory debur, bead blasting, tool and fixture design/build, specialized tool sharpening, and an array of grinding capabilities.

Precitech Optimum 2400 – Diamond Turning Machine

Optics, Laser Interferometers, Semiconductor lasers, mirror finish
Hydrostatic Bearings on both axes and spindle to eliminate machine vibrations in the machined surface
Precision finish capability – 0.1 micron Ra
Custom proprietary diamond tools that can produce a form error of < 1.5 microns
Capable of optical components ranging from 1 mm to 500 mm in diameter
Capable of achieving better than the typical finishes in all materials. For Example, 0.5 RMS microfinish in copper
Routinely diamond turns optics from the following materials:
Plastic (Acrylic, Styrene, Polycarbonate, Zeonex, Ultem), Nickel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum


FANUC Robocut Alpha series Wire EDM Two Machines

4 axis wire EDM
8″ x 12″ x 6″ part size, submerged
0.00001″, programmed in 5 decimals
Accurate to 0.0002″
Produces finishes 8 RMS


Precision Assembly

Installation of Keenserts as small as #0-80
High volume precision assembly
Assembly under a microscope
Pressure testing
Inert Gas Seal System

Precision Assembly Part

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